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Xanvil is organization dedicated to promoting sustainable communities, gender equity and environmental conservation   

Xanvil - Building a new path to a sustainable society.

An Archaeological expedition at Lake Mensabak, Chiapas, and the Postclassic and Historic Maya of the Lowlands.

The project is significant on many levels. We will obtain crucial archaeological and historical information on the creation of a new ethnic group that was formed during the European conquest and colonization of the New World. The project takes advantage of the particular strengths of archaeology and history to examine the material and social evidence for ethnicity and culture change over a long period. Our project will gather data to examine these unknowns of the ethnogenesis process. We will also look at ethnogenesis in cultural evolutionary terms: the origin of societies and their tribalization during colonial expansion as a response for the preservation of native ethnicity. Read more...

Xanvil and Metzabok in the National Geographic News (Click to read more)

Fair Trade

Xanvil works closely with other organizations such as altromercato to assist the artisans with whom we work enter the "Fair Trade" marketplace. We are also currently involved in the development of a network of latinamerican artisans and artisan organizations to improve market conditions for artisans across the americas.

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Video of Fair Trade stands organized by Altromercato

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Environmental services


Xanvil has an office dedicated to providing environmental consulting services

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